The Woman By The Well

Woman By The Well

“Come now, and let us reason together,” says the LORD, “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool.” – Isaiah 1:18

Like the woman by the well, I have been with several men. And whilst I never considered myself to be someone who ‘slept around’ – when I joined a lady’s ministry, where several of the ladies in their late 20’s were still virgins, I found myself feeling a deep sense of regret and wishing that I too had kept myself for the man that God intended me to be with.

Although this was just a passing thought, the feeling returned very recently when I had a discussion with my Pastor about my past. As I explained my story, I found myself overtly aware of how bad I must sound to someone who had spent their life governed by biblical principles and following the will of God.

When I finished speaking, my Pastor talked to me about the adulterer who was brought before Jesus and the woman by the well, but whilst he was talking all I could think was “Wow, is that how I come across?!”.

To make matters worse, during bible study, several people likened themselves to people of the bible, and I began to think “Great, you’re Martha, whose biggest fault was being too busy – and I’m the woman by the well!” – it was really playing on my heart.

Later that evening, I called my friend to tell her about it. As I spoke I began to wonder why I cared so much and concluded the conversation by saying “It’s just good that God doesn’t see us the way man does!”.

In that very moment I realised that in being so concerned in how my Pastor may view me, I almost missed the point behind his words. You see, I had gone to him for advice, because as a divorcee, I wanted a clear understanding of what God’s view on remarriage is; and he used examples of married women to instruct, encourage and edify me.

I mean, even if I was being likened to the woman by the well, why was that so awful to me anyway? Not only was she significant enough to be included in the bible, she was also the first person in the book of John that Jesus out rightly revealed his true identity to. What an honour!!!

So I began to consider all the other areas of my life where I can be likened to the woman by the well….  And like the woman by the well I would strive after things that only served as temporary fixes. Also, like the woman by the well I almost missed out on a message that God wanted to give me because I was too concerned with whether or not I was worthy enough to be in His presence! But most importantly – like the woman by the well – I have had a personal encounter with Christ and I am now telling everyone I know of the redeeming grace that I have experienced, so that others may come to know Him and believe too!

The mistakes of your past are important in your ministry and if you don’t let God use them, the enemy will – to tie you down, hold you back and keep you from moving forward.

So today I say……

I am the woman by the well, and I am unashamed!

God Bless xx

Supporting Scriptures: John 4:1-42, Romans 8:1-2, Ephesians 1:7, Matthew 28:16-20

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